Friday, August 10, 2007

Pat-Sea (Snow Ball) gets a face-lift!

My car looks brand new after Mr. and Mrs. Erday (own a body shop) gave a face-lift to it while we were on vacation. This car looks beautiful. I love my car! Thank you Tim & Barb
Look at this piece of art work. The toughest part has been beating the ladies of this car with a stick. The only person allowed in this car is me lady...Cathleen!

Vacation In Connecticut!

I thought this was pretty cute? We drove behind this car for awhile. Cathleen said it was making her sick to her stomach.
Paul and Vanessa just chillin' on the train ride.

The train tracks go right by the USS Forrestal, which FYI they had to almost had to abandon ship cause most of the fligfht deck was on fire back in the Vietnam
era. Notable John McCain was on board that day where plenty of sailors were killed.
After our train ride at Newport , RI. We got to ride up front with the conductor!

Happy B-Day Kelly!

Cathleen and I headed over to Baltimore to celebrate Kelly's B-Day! Way to blow those candles out Kelly?!

I love Maryland Crabs!

Jeff Grammer one of my roommates in Lancaster crabs with his "pots" in the Baltimore bay. I enjoy eating these crabs when he gets back. For anyone that watches "Deadliest Catch" (awesome show) this sort of hobby is not easy, for Jeff this is the real deal.

Look at all these crabs...They tasted as good as they looked. I will eat crab anytime and anyplace. This is the way to handle a hot summer!

Washington National's baseball game

We headed off to the Nat's game at RFK stadium in DC. This is the last year that they will play here. Next year they move into their new stadium. The Indians were in town and that means the Drespling's are far away either.
Mike (friend and groomsman) and I doin' our thing at the Nat's game. Mike just quit smoking and he is kickin' butt and takin' names. I am so proud of him!

35th Anniversary/ Emily's Graduation in Bellevue

Cathleen, niece Jade, and Becky hang out on the side walk in good ole' Bellevue. What a beautiful weekend to share in all the festivities.
I managed to reel this great white shark in after a 3 hour fight across the street in the Mill pond. Needless to say no one went hungry that day, plenty of fish to go around.

Emily has graduated form high school and is headed down to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio in the fall. She graduated with an outstanding GPA. Cathleen and I were so happy to share the speacial day with her as well as the rest of the family.

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad! We all traveled in for the big weekend's festivities. Dad's side of the family was there from Dayton, it was so nice to see his sister Choyce and family.

May 23rd....Happy 33rd Birthday!

I can't believe that I am 33 years old. i feel like a young buck in his prime.
Cathleen makes me feel so special for my B-day, should not be that suprisind since thae banks close for hers. She made me a bananna cake which was awesome since Banannas are my favorite. Every year she out does herself from the year before. So glad I get to marry her, and be with her forever.

Andrews Air Force Base Air Show

What a beautiful day it was for an airshow? Here are the Air Force Thinderbirds from right to left. Now even though they are not the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, they will give you goose bumps and get ya'll fired up.
Ctahleen and I catching some rays.

The Fa-18 fighter. I used to work on this when I was in the service. It is a heck of an aircraft. There were so many cool static displays and we tried to go into many of them, just not enough time in the day.

I love my job!

What a view from the office huh?! This is what it looks like when it is raining or cloudy down below. It's always nice to know that usually when I go to work, I will get to see the sun-now I might not have two dimes to tub together, but in the end I get to see the sun.

VIVA LAS VEGAS! I would love to tell you I was flying the Beech 19oo when I took this Photo, but the flying gurus would call me out on it and ask me when the Beech had slats installed?
This is downtown Pittsburgh in the evening time. You can see the stadium in the background with the lights on. If you look even closer you can see the Cincinnati Reds players with their red uniforms on, spanking the Pirates in a divisional matchup game.

Franklin, Pennsylvania looks much better from the air than on the ground I assure you. It has what you call a high population that partakes in Crystal Meth. I am trying to help the situation as much as possible by taking any person that wants to leave this area to freedom. It seems as though we always take more out of there than what we bring in. You can mark this city off your places to visit before you die list!

Lancaster my Home away from Home

This is where I live in Lanacaster, Pennsylvania (aka. Amish country) when I am at work during the week. An inflatable bed, covers, a pillow and a closet....What else could I need? I actually sleep very well here and with the way my company opens and closes bases....I am deployable in 5 minutes. I do deployment drills to be prepared just in case the compnay comes a callin'.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A visit to Grams and Gramps

Grams and I stopped by to see Uncle Jim. As always it was nice to visit with him. i learn so much from him every visit.

Good ole' Lake favorite. Perch and Jo-Jo's really hit the spot even though I had to almost steal them from Grandpa. You would have thought he was guarding gold as far as sharing that Perch was concerned.

Grams and I playing Bingo at the Club Amer-Ital. This is our pasttime and tradition. We enjoy
ourselves so much. Grams concentrates on one of her 50 bingo cards she plays during each game!

Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale

This is where we go when we go to Fort Lauderdale to visit Paul & Vanessa. This place is beautiful. So peaceful, with great conversation, and good company.....what more could you ask for huh? Below Paul, Vanessa and I, right before we were robbed at gunpoint by the actual slot machine itself! We are man handling the slots at the Seminole Casino. We had so much fun Big Bucks...No Whammies!

We are Engaged! (finally huh)?

Yes, I was brave enough to ask Cathleen to be my future bride. After 5 years of getting to know Cathleen it was time to let her know how I really felt about her. We are set for a wedding in August 2nd, 2008. I am just glad she said yes? It's amazing how shiny and expensive you can make a piece of rock salt appear. I told her no water her snow just in case. I also told her that I could get as many as she wanted because....I got it like that!

Buckeyes get Gatorized!

It was amazing how many Buckeyes came out of the wood work at the Holiday Inn in Visalia, California of all places to watch the Ohio State get demoralized in the National Championship game. Go Bucks!

Happy New Year from Fort Lauderdale

Cathleen and I were hanging out with Paul & Vanessa down in Fort Lauderdale. Art hung out with us as well. We had a great weekend even though I had to get back to Visalia, California where I was working that month. We brought in the New Year with Lewis Black the comedian. Look at the skipper Paul and his "man boobs" as the lead us through the intricate waterways of Florida.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas in Nashville!

Christmas in Nashville!

Give it all up for McCook(ie) Nebraska

I got dirty out on the ranch while I was out in McCook, Nebraska. The people of McCook are great and kind people. Here are one of those huge sprinklers you see from the air in the fields, up close and personal. They are massive! Look at these beef cows they are going to give birth to calves starting in February. This picture (of the cow) was taken right before I wrestled it to the ground as I displayed my dominance of this field.

Paul and Vanessa visit D.C. (finally)!

Cathleen's Birthday Nov. 10th @ Cheesecake Factory

Well it was Cathleen's Birthday and a National holiday in it's own right. The Banks and Post Offices were closed and I am sure most of you had the day off due to this Holiday. Love was in the air and the couples came out in the droves for the big night. It was a night of laughter, fun, gluttony, and a hint of "aging" thoughts. Top left: Newlyweds Justin and Leslie from Northern Virginia and Virginia Tech Hokies. Top Right: "Us" hanging out and getting a bit intimate in front of the "rowdy" crowd. Bottom Left: The Girls; Cathleen, Kelly( best friend), Brittany (Catheen's roommate and Maryland grad), and Jen ( friend and Hokie) who is headed off to Jamaica to work at the Ritz Carelton. Bottom Right: Carl and Kelly getting it on...just kidding. Carl is a Ravens fan and this is his worst flaw. Go Navy beat Army!

Trip to New Jersey with Cathleen

Top Left: Cathleen's mom is hanging out with Matthew the newest addition (third grandson) to her family. Top Right: Aunt Chick hanging out with her two nephews Timothy (Mushers) and James (Jamers). Bottom Left: Cathleen and I getting our mugshots taken with Marie and Ricks son Nicholas at TGI Fridays. Bottom Right: Mr. Erday giving James a ride on the tractor in their backyard. What a great weekend in New Jersey.